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Andreas Maier, Member of the Comazo family.

Andreas Maier, Member of the Comazo family.

Who am I?

Hey, I am Andreas. I am familiar with Comazo since I am able to think and often played hide and seek in the logistics centre. Years later I am standing in front of the camera for the model campaign, because the „Lieblinsgwäsche“ is there for everyone, there is no too old or too young!

Beer or wine? Beer. 

City or Country? City, cities like Munich or Hamburg I really enjoy

Your favourite product at Comazo? I love the seemless shirt.

What do you do at Comazo? Unfortunately I don’t work full-time for Comazo, however I help out when its needed. As soon as I discover new things or have brilliant flashes of inspiration, I let Comazo know. I've also helped out now and then with the inventory or with packing my favorite laundry.

I can’t sleep without: “Die 3 Fragezeichen” to fall asleep, its so relaxing.