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Comazo supports KYP

Comazo supports KYP

Comazo supports KYP

Last week, the Comazo Team took a quite special decision. From now on, our company will support the Kliptown Youth Programm (KYP) in Soweto, South Africa.

Kliptown ist one of the poorest districts in the rapidly changing Soweto. The governmental hausbuilding program hasn't been realised yet. About 45.000 people are leaving there in "shacks" - iron sheet huts - without water or official electricity connection and without any sanitary installations. The unemployment rate is about 75% and the main concern of people is the daily survival.

These living conditions affect especially the Kliptowns children - and for these children is the Kliptown Youth Program (KYP) taking action. KYP ( was founded 2007 by Thulani Madondo and some oder adolescents. Right after their school graduation or early leaving, they experienced themselves hopelessness. So they decided to dedicate their lives to the disadvantaged generations to come.

The Kliptown Youth Program has its main focus on education and help for self-help. KYP believes in the natural skills of the Kliptowns children and wants to set up an education culture. This would open the children to the possibilites of the modern South Africa and global world. KYP wants the children to free themselves from poverty and thus change their community and society. A positiv culture of hope and initiative is capital for this purpose. And this is exactly what feel the ones who got the chance to visit KYP in the middle of the Kliptowns "shacks". A huge energie and positivity!

Comazo KYP Programm

KYP is being lead by a comity of 16 young people along with the founder and director Madondo. In 5 years, the children (members) grew from a modest number of 10 at the launching in 2007 to 400! The program for the children is being expanded year to year. These are the main offerings today:

Tutoring Program. Every afternoon the children get help doing their homeworks and exam preparations. A particular accent is given to the matric preparation, for this is the entry card for higher education programs.

School fees/uniforms/school furnitures: KYP helps its members bringing up the necessary means for school.

Higher education: After their successful high school graduation (matric), KYP helps the young people continuing their way in universities or in other educational programs.

Internships and jobs: KYP uses its developping network with companies in order to place its high school graduates in internships or jobs.

Library: Last year KYP inaugurated a library that is not just welcoming the youth but the whole Kliptown community.

Computer Lab: This year KYP inauguratet a Computer Lab with 8 PCs running the common softwares. The Computer Lab is also welcoming the whole Community during morning.

Sport und performing arts: KYP has it's own netball and soccer teams registered in the regional league. Semi-professional dancing groups habe benn built as well. They get paid for their stage performance, thus contributing to the budget (and having a lot of fun).

Nutrition: An empty stomach can't focus. KYP experienced this very early and built up a Food Program supported by some sponsors from the food industry. The Food Program makes sure that children become a breakfast for school and a lunch before the afternoon activities.

Comazo's decision for KYP was unanimous. Our management familiarised itself with KYP and its program over a period of tie and built up a close contact through several personal visits. We are convinced of the organisation, its values and goals as well as its integrity and professionalism. We admire the KYP comity and the KYP children and are sure, that our economies we will be meaningfull used.

Together with the KYP leading tema, we decided 2013 to support the KYP Computer Lab with 10.000 €. This money should enable the installation of a permanent and unlimited large band access to the internet along with peripheric equipments such as a printer and scanner. Furthermore, organising and financing computer courses in webdesign, desktop publishing and picture editing is intended.

Comazo KYP Programm
We are happy about the close partnership with KYP and we will keep you up-to-date.

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