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Comazo donates respirators to KYP

Comazo donates respirators to KYP

Bright faces among the founders of the Kliptown Youth Program (KYP). On
07 October 2020, the necessary Comazo delivery in the fight against the COVID-19 virus arrived in Soweto, South Africa. With a donation of FFP2/KN95 respirators with a production value of 25,000 Euros, Comazo supports the members of KYP.

Kliptown is one of the poorest areas in Soweto, South Africa. Therefore, the Kliptown Youth Program aims to establish a culture of education in order to open up opportunities for the children in modern South Africa and the global world. The aid programme follows the guiding principle of "helping people to help themselves". Children should free themselves from poverty and thus change their community and society.

In the fight against the virus, Comazo is trying to help the organisation in this difficult time. On 07 October 2020, the necessary shipment of FFP2/KN05 respirators arrived in Soweto. These are breathable, hygienic as well as lockdown-proof and tested according to GB2626-2006 and in Germany by means of the DEKRA rapid test according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009. Due to the lockdown, the educational facilities in Soweto could not be used for the time being. "Contacts with the members were almost impossible, so tutoring programmes and sports had to be cancelled," reports Dr Maier. How creative the team was during this special time can be read in detail on the KYP homepage under "Covid and KYP".

"Thulani is without a doubt one of the most impressive people I have had the pleasure to meet in my life." Mr. Christoph Dr. Maier, Managing Director of Comazo

Since 2012, the textile company has supported the KYP organisation with a lot of heart and soul. The now very close and respectful cooperation between Comazo and KYP started back in 2008. "At that time, KYP had only 25 members and practically no funds - we were impressed by the humanity and honesty of the team. Their vision of 'oppertunity through education' simply convinced us. Through regular contact and on-site visits, we also created transparency - so we know what funds are needed and used for at KYP," explains Dr Maier. The aid organisation has grown steadily since then and now has well over 500 members with a waiting list. For years, the 'matric pass rate' (the rate of members who pass their A-levels) has been close to 100 per cent. "A brilliant value considering the social circumstances and background of the students" informs Dr. Maier and proudly continues: "Many members have received scholarships and are studying at various universities, while others now have a permanent job. But almost all of them come back and donate part of their income themselves or teach the students". A positive development that makes the Comazo managing director beam.

With the respirator donation, Comazo hopes that everyday life in Kliptown can return to some degree of normality. "It will certainly be a long time before we get over the Covid 19 virus. Until then, the masks should help especially the social workers, caregivers as well as tutors, who want to be in contact with other people a lot, but also have to be," explains Dr. Maier and concludes by giving a positive outlook for the future with a clear yes to the question of planning further projects with KYP: "KYP is our long-term partner. We have the highest respect for Thulani and his team, the members and people in Kliptown. We still have a lot of plans together!"

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