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Our history

Tradition meets innovation - Comazo quality underwear from the Swabian Alb! Over 135 years - but far from dusty! For more than a century, the name Comazo has stood for product innovations and quality that meet the highest standards.

The name Comazo

Comazo - a name that initially sounds very Italian and foreign to many. Where does the name come from? What is behind it? And what does the ox have to do with it?

In 1884, the year the company was founded, Conrad Maier started manufacturing fabrics. Unfortunately, there were no street names at that time. So the address of the newly founded company was determined by the nearest inn. In our case, that was the rustic inn "Zum Ochsen" around the corner to the left.

And the name that accompanied the company from then on was already chosen: "Conrad Maier zum Ochsen" and abbreviated to "Comazo".




Comazo has always been in tune with the times. In keeping with this, we have brought out our advertising banners from the last few decades. Back to the 90s or 80s? Take a guess!