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Organic underwear - made from Fairtrade cotton, GOTS certified and PETA-Approved vegan.

Discover our sustainable comazo|earth organic underwear made of Fairtrade cotton. Experience our sustainable comazo|earth organic underwear made of Fairtrade cotton. It guarantees highest wearing comfort and an incomparably soft feeling on the skin, because what touches your skin becomes a part of you. Discover wonderfully soft organic cotton produced in Europe by us for you - with extra love!

Organic & Fair is not a trend for us, but a philosophy.

It is in every comazo|earth product, which can be traced back to its origins through our very personal faircode 19790002, and thus comes together in a unique way with the contemporary demands for fashionable design and high wearing comfort.

Everyone should find their very own individual, sustainable, fair, comfortable, cozy, soft, fashionable favourite piece with us: Nature lovers, city dwellers, purists, fashion freaks, romantics, sports fans, curvy people, kids, teens, middle agers, best agers and everyone who simply enjoys beauty. We underline this with our pictures, for which our own employees and fans step in front of the camera in their favourite pieces. With the model budget saved this way, we support local institutions and our heart project, the "Kliptown Youth Program", in Soweto, South Africa.


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Our sustainable collection

Almost all products in our comazo|earth collection are made of Fairtrade cotton and carry the GOTS and PeTA-approved vegan seal. The natural textiles guarantee a particularly soft feel and are ideally suited for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin.  In addition to timeless, purist basics, the collection offers flexible mix & match options at an excellent price-performance ratio. Complementary elegant lingerie with noble details create highlights. High-quality home and sustainable yogawear rounds off the assortment.

Organic underwear for the fashionable, environmentally conscious

With comazo|earth, we are the first German textile company to launch a collection for women, men and children whose organic raw materials are 100 percent fair trade. ince the beginning of 2009, we are Comazo's "Fairtrade"-licensed and to date the largest German buyer of fair trade organic cotton for the production of fair trade clothing. The Comazo Faircode 19790002 gives you maximum transparency in the production of comazo|earth organic underwear. In accordance with the GOTS guidelines, Comazo uses only cotton from controlled organic cultivation. No untested, chemical additives may be used in the products. The PeTA-Approved Vegan seal identifies products that are manufactured without animal components and for which therefore no animal was tortured or killed.

The Fairtrade certificate of the comazo|earth collection - your added value

The Fairtrade standard is based on three essential values: economy, ecology and social issues. With the certification, Comazo supports the Fairtrade organization and makes an important contribution to the improvement of working conditions in the cotton producing countries.

Fairtrade certified farmers receive fair wages, a Fairtrade supplement and a premium for organic production. During cultivation, attention is paid to sustainability with regard to water, vegetation, fauna and soil. Compliance with the standards is regularly monitored. 

The certification requires absolute transparency from Comazo of the entire supply chain and all product components. Each comazo|earth product can be traced back to its origins by its Fairtrade code.

Likewise, the products are latex-free and suitable for allergy sufferers.



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