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Quality begins with the yarn

The starting point of the production process is raw material such as cotton. The picked cotton is spun into yarn in spinning mills and delivered on cones. At Comazo, buying yarn remains a top priority, for quality yarn is the starting point of the production process. Fabric in tubular form, which is manufactured by knitting mills in the region using circular knitting machines is then bleached and dyed in our own factory in Albstadt. Technologically sophisticated treatments further refine the product, ensuring a soft feel and minimal shrinkage. 

The Cutting in our in-house department is by hand or using a special cutter. It requires highest levels of skill and concentration. Necessary ingredients such as sewing thread, lace, applications, labels and accessories are then collated and the sewing and packaging process takes place in one of our factories in Croatia or Romania. 

Each finished garment is subject to final inspection. The quality-controlled garments are packed, each allocated to a commissioned order and then delivered to our partners. Due to the fully integrated production process and the advanced quality management system specific to DIN ISO 9001, Comazo guarantees that every single garment can be traced back through all stages of the production chain. 

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