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FFP2 NR Atemschutzmaske (CE zertifiziert) im 3er Pack

FFP2 NR Atemschutzmaske (CE zertifiziert) im 3er Pack

Respiratory protection mask

FFP2 NR breathing mask (CE certified) in pack of 3

Cup-shaped design

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Product description 

This mask is tested according to EN149:2001+A1:2009 /CE2834. The cup-shaped design provides a comfortable fit and a secure fit. Easy to attach with rubber bands behind the ears. Dispose of them in an airtight bag, as contamination-proof as possible.

Hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities are supplied with priority. Please dedicate inquiries and orders directly to info[at]

Do not feel "safe" because of this mask and continue to observe body distance, wash hands, etc.
Make sure that the mask has no defects (holes or similar).
Use in an adequately ventilated room where there is sufficient oxygen to breathe.





  • Certified according to EN149:2001+A1:2009 /CE2834
  • Not reusable
  • Nonwoven and meltblown filter material
  • Cup-shaped design
  • Easy attachment with rubber behind the ears
  • In case of moisture penetration, the mask must be changed
  • Dispose of in an airtight bag, as contamination-proof as possible
  • After removing the mask, clean hands and face thoroughly with soap
  • Not washable - the washing process destroys the filter function


  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester


  • The advantage of functional fibers is that they release moisture to the outside and are therefore breathable. They can also contain basic and/or thermal functions.

Care instructions

  • Do not bleach

  • Do not iron

  • Non-dry cleaning

  • Do not tumble dry

  • Do not wash

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