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Washable fabric mouth and nose mask in pack of 5

Washable fabric mouth and nose mask in pack of 5

Mouth and nose masks

Washable fabric mouth and nose mask in pack of 5

2-ply and reusable

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Product description 

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Mouth and nose mask with rubber tip. Easy to attach behind the ears. It is washable at 95°. We recommend washing before wearing it for the first time. This mask is suitable for boil wash and is therefore reusable, sustainable, suitable for everyday use and skin friendly. A high wearing comfort in combination with a sense of responsibility for oneself and others. With this you prevent touching your face.

ATTENTION: This is neither a medical product nor personal protective equipment.
Do not feel "safe" because of this mask and continue to observe body distance, wash hands, etc.
The mask is for personal use only and is not intended to protect against infection or other harmful substances. It is not intended for use in health care or occupational safety.


  • pack of 5
  • Mouth and nose mask with rubber tip
  • Easy attachment with rubber behind the ears
  • Washable up to 95°C boil wash
  • Wash before wearing for the first time
  • In case of moisture penetration, the mask must be changed
  • Wash the mask as soon as possible after use
  • After removing the mask, clean hands and face with soap or disinfectant
  • This is not a medical device or personal protective equipment
  • Sustainable, because reusable


  • Cotton
  • Elastane


  • Cotton is a pure natural fiber and is used very often in the clothing industry. It is extremely durable and resistant to external influences.

Care instructions

  • 95° normal wash cycle

  • Ironing on level three

  • Do not bleach

  • Non-dry cleaning

  • Dry in tumble dryer at normal temperature

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