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Favourite lingerie only becomes your favourite underwear if it fits perfectly. Finding the right size at Comazo is easy with our size overview, size charts and bra size calculator.

Find your right size:


  1. The bust girth is measured horizontally at the height of the chest tips.

  2. The underbust girth is measured directly under the chest.

  3. The waist measuerement can be determined at the widest point of the hip pelvis.

Over 70% of women wear the wrong bra size!

We want to change that! But how do you find the perfect bra? How can you tell if the bra is right? Which cup shape suits you? What do you find comfortable? Which bra is suitable for sports? What kind of sport? How to wash the bra properly? Questions upon questions. . . We’ll uncover and help you find your new favourite bra!

Find your perfect size: 


  1. The bust girth is measured horizontally at the strongest point of the chest.
  2. The waist measurement can be determined – without lacing – around the waist.

Find the right size for your kid:


1. Check age
2. Measure body height.

You are not sure about your right size?

The size chart for men or the bra size calculator do not help you? No problem, just give us a call! We are here for your questions and look forward to your call at +4974327019168 or send us your request by email to eComazo(at)

Of course you can also order underwear products in different sizes. You can easily order from Comazo by "purchase on account" and try on comfortably at home. You only pay for what you really keep. By the way, returns are also free of charge.