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Staff as models

Staff as models

We make favourite underwear - We wear our favourite underwear 

The unusual idea of "Staff As Models" - Campaign was created in 2009 when Comazo celebrated its 125th anniversary. Design, management, production and logistics staff who work for this Swabian family business volunteered to be photographed in their favourite items of Comazo’s underwear. What was unique is the confidence that our employees and managers have in our product. We really want to publicly prove that we live our favourite underwear. As a result, what was intended as a once-off campaign has become our corporate culture.


Anja, outlet team

Comazo Mitarbeiter als Fotomodels - Anja

Uwe, controlling

Comazo Mitarbeiter als Fotomodels - Uwe

Regina, Nürtingen

Comazo Mitarbeiter als Fotomodels - Regina

Enzo, finishing

Comazo Mitarbeiter als Fotomodels - Enzo

Rustem, logistics

Comazo Mitarbeiter als Fotomodels - Rustem

Hanni, merchandising

Comazo Mitarbeiter als Fotomodels - Hanni

Pino, cutting

Comazo Mitarbeiter als Fotomodels - Pino

Franzi, student

Comazo Mitarbeiter als Fotomodels - Franzi


This approach is not about saving costs, but rather a demonstration of inclusiveness –  all belong at Comazo: employees, business partners and – because of our consciousness in environmental and social responsibility - all people in our global environment. In today’s world, there are many people who face difficulties and in whose lives such savings can make an important difference. Therefore, the money we save by not employing professional models goes directly to such good causes" says Dr Christoph Maier, CEO of Comazo.

Since late 2009, our underwear models are seen on advertisements, billboards, posters and in Comazo’s own retail shops. A lot has been achieved since the launch of the “Staff as Models” Campaign. The enthusiasm for this favourite underwear campaign has been so great that store employees and customers are willingly seeking to participate in our photo shoots. There is no "too small, too fat, too tall or too thin!"

We would like to continue with this authentic success story. Comazo’s new website is designed exclusively with pictures and videos of our own staff showcasing Comazo’s underwear collections and technical know-how. Our online shop has now been launched and is fully activated. We are proud to be one of the first underwear companies globally to have our own people tell our own story through the "Staff as Models" campaign.  

We live our favourite underwear – so get involved!