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Welcome to our store management team.

Welcome to our store management team.

We warmly welcome our new addition to the store management team. We look forward to the collaboration and many successful projects that we will master together. Anna Jaron was so nice and told us some funny things about herself. In the following small profile, you can find out more.

Tee or coffee? Coffee..althought in winter, I prefer tea

Mountains or Sea? In recent years, my heart has been beating more and more for the mountains

Dogs or Cats? Dogs, I am the happy owner of a Lhasa Apso Dog named Chaya

Pasta or Pizza? Pasta! (et basta?) [Anm. d. Red.] ;-)

Is the glas half full or half empty? Healthy optimism helps in every situation

What makes you smile? Friends, my dog, old funny movies

Are you a collector? No, except for beautiful fashion. [Anm. der Red.: Diesen Spirit brauchen wir dringend - im ehemaligen Kälblestall herrscht teilweise Chaos und es sollte dringend aufgeräumt werden.]

Sports or couch? I try to keep both in balance

Morning person or night owl? Morning person

Albstadt or Balingen? Balingen is my home town and i ran my own fashion shop in Balingen for almost 13 years

Are you a Tropi-Fan? There is nothing wrong with a good party ;-)


Anna Jaron with her dog lady Chaya.

What is your favourite product at Comazo so far?

I'm just testing the spacer bra 600225 and I'm totally thrilled by the fit. 

Anna's new favourite.


Spacer bra

Underwired bra with pre-shaped spacer cups

24,95 €