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2018 Soccer World Cup bet challenge - it was a blast!

2018 Soccer World Cup bet challenge - it was a blast!

Thanks for everyone who participated in this special betting game. Thanks to 49 correct bets - Comazo will donate 3.185€ resp. 52.359 ZAR to the Kliptown Youth Programme in South Africa. This is an overwhelming result. Thank you for your support and for being part of this special game. You are stunning! 

Thank you from us to you - from all over the world. Green Curry from India had the last correct bet at the final game between France and Croatia.

The first place of the individual ranking goes to MichaelT! Congrats! aalglatt is 2nd and Bolzer_12 is 3rd. 

The individual Top Ten Ranking

BUT for us the ranking is unimportant - we also want to say thank you to Sophia, tatütata, Abräumer, thulani, gumboots, BhutiMonwa and alle the other players for being part of this game! Stay tuned, what is coming next.

We donate ca. 50k ZAR

Es wurden bereits neue Computer gekauft und eine sichere Internetverbindung hergestellt. Wir halten euch hier auf dem Laufenden was von den Spendengeldern in Südafrika außerdem noch verwirklicht wird.

Danke an alle fürs Mitmachen!

Es war eine tolle Tippgemeinde und wir bedanken uns sehr herzlich für eure aktive Teilnahme und das Mitwirken. Jetzt machen wir mal wieder das, was wir am besten können - Lieblingswäsche!

Download Final Results overall as a pdf

See here an overview of the eager teams who registered and happily participated.


kyp comazo worldcup spende

Our friends from South Africa.


kyp southafrica charity worldcup

Our friends from South Africa, Kliptown. 

Comazo team "RoteKarte12"

Comazo team - "RoteKarte12"

..and more teams fought for donations, see here some more players'profiles of teams





Learn more about the KYP project.

KYP’s mission is to provide opportunities that will enable our young people to rise out of poverty.

We seek to develop young and dynamic individuals who are willing to contribute effectively for the betterment of their community. 

Our tutoring, athletic, and arts programs provide a life to the children of Kliptown not defined by survival, but by the ability to be active community members, to have dreams, and most of all to have hope about the future. 

Watch the video!

Check the video and get to know Thulani Madondo, the founder of the KYP and learn more about his story and ideas behind KYP. What an inspiring mindset.

Comazo and KYP

Our Comazo CEO Dr. Christoph Maier was already visiting the Kliptown Youth Program several times in order to handover the donations from our "colleagues as model campaign". 

"Colleagues as models" campaign? What's this?

What was meant to be a one-time campaign became a corporate culture. Comazo doesn't only produce favorite underwear, the Comazo team members also wear their favorite underwear. In numerous shootings, great photos are taken which are published in the online shop, the individual laundry stores and in other media. The saved budget for our non-professional modelling we donate to social projects, such as KYP!

Rustem as a model

Anja as a model

Franzi as a model

Hanni as a model