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Tradition meets innovation - Comazo quality underwear from the Swabian Alb! Over 135 years - but far from dusty! For more than a century, the name Comazo has stood for product innovation and quality that meets the highest standards.

We make favourite underwear

We want women, men and children to love wearing our underwear so much that they always take it out of the wardrobe drawer first - because it is totally chic, fits perfectly, is comfortable to wear. When selecting suppliers and partners, Comazo attaches great importance to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. Waste water is controlled and pretreated, and in 2009 a heat recovery system was put into operation at the headquarters in Albstadt, which optimises energy efficiency and sustainably improves the CO2 balance. Comazo is proud to use the latest technologies for environmental protection worldwide.

We produce favourite lingerie

The fabrics for our comazo|earth products are knitted by regional contract manufacturers. In the in-house textile finishing department at our headquarters in Albstadt, they are bleached, dyed and finished using the most modern and ecologically advanced processes. The parts are also cut to size in Albstadt. The finished cut goods are packed together with all the ingredients and then transported to our own sewing factories in Croatia, Romania as well as to our long-standing partner company in Bosnia. After confectioning, quality control and packing, the finished articles are sent to our logistics centre in Albstadt and then to our customers.

We live favourite lingerie

Favourite underwear is for everyone! There is no such thing as too small, too fat, too pale, too thin. That's what we stand for and also stand in front of the cameras. What was intended as a one-off campaign for the 125th anniversary has now become a real cult. All our product pictures are created in this way in numerous shootings with our employees as photo models. We then regularly donate the saved model budget to social institutions. You can find out more about the donation projects on our charity page.