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Panty mit kurzem Bein

Panty mit kurzem Bein

Panty with short leg

12,95 €

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Product description 

Panty with short leg made of fine cotton and cuddly MicroModal®.
It has fine trims and is super soft thanks to the breathable fibre blend.
We call it "The feel-good series!" - And what do you think? Try it out and express your opinion in the comments.

  • Feel-good series
  • Breathable fibre blend
  • Without side seam


  • 46% Cotton
  • 46% Micromodal
  • 8% Spandex


  • The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is a globally recognized, independent testing and certification system for textiles tested for harmful substances.

Special features

  • Cotton is a pure natural fiber and is used very often in the clothing industry. It is extremely durable and resistant to external influences.

Care instructions

  • 40° normal wash cycle

  • Ironing at level one

  • Do not bleach

  • Non-dry cleaning

  • Do not tumble dry

The shipping costs within Germany are currently 0€ for all orders. We deliver your order throughout Germany with the sustainable shipping of DHL Go Green to your home.

For other EU countries we charge a flat rate of 4,95€.



The shipping costs within Germany are currently 0€ for all orders. We deliver your order all over Germany with the sustainable shipping of DHL Go Green to your home.

For other EU countries we charge a flat rate for shipping.

Our goal: climate neutral

We want to protect our climate. For this reason, we are a proud Clean Advantage™ partner and have again received a certificate for 2020. For every liter of fuel generated by our Comazo fleet's favorite laundry promotion, we calculate the equivalent value of CO2 - emissions. Clean Advantage invests this value in projects that provide a better climate. The parcel shipment to your home is excluded in this calculation, because it is already offset by the climate neutral shipping of DHL GoGreen.

Offsetting CO2 emissions

"The balance of our earth and its preservation for future generations must be our most important concern. We want to hand over an intact environment to future generations." Managing Director Dr. Christoph Maier

Sustainability is a priority at Comazo. In order to keep CO2 emissions as low as possible from the outset, we use natural materials as far as possible and rely on production in Europe and thus short transport routes. However, despite the environmentally conscious selection of materials for our textiles and production partners, unavoidable greenhouse gases are released during production, which we unfortunately cannot easily avoid. For this reason, we create the balance through our partner Clean Advantage™ and support various climate protection projects.

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  • 4

    Dieser Slip ist Klasse. Ich freue mich auf neue Farben!

    (Bewertet am 25.05.2022)
  • 3

    Zuerst mal: Der Schnitt und das Material sind super und so auf dem deutschen Markt aus unerfindlichen Gründen auch einzigartig. Da ich nur Unterhosen in Shortform trage, kann ich sagen, dass kein anderer Hersteller eine Short für Frauen mit so einem schönen langen Bein hat, warum auch immer (bei Männern ist dieser Schnitt ganz normal, und ich fühle mich einfach nicht angezogen, wenn ich diese für Frauen normalen, dreieckigen Höschen trage:-).
    Aber: Das Gummi oben hat nichts mit "Wohlfühl" zu tun. Das ist viiiiel zu eng und führt dazu, dass ich die Panty immer runterklappen muss, um keine Bauchschmerzen zu bekommen. Das Vorgänger-Modell hatte das gemütlichste Bündchen aller Zeiten - leider habe ich davon nur zwei Stück gekauft, bevor es aus dem Programm genommen wurde. Seitdem warte ich (und inzwischen auch meine Tochter) auf Nachschub. Sehnsüchtig. Bitte, Comazo. Bitte!

    (Bewertet am 13.02.2022)

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