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Our philosophy

Our philosophy

We make favourite underwear

We want women, men and children to like our underwear so much that they automatically choose it first from their closet drawers - because it’s totally chic, it fits perfectly, it’s comfortable to wear and it’s functionally appropriate for special purposes. 

Our customers’ favourite underwear is also the favourite for our retail partners. That special “sense of well-being" is of primary importance in the manufacturing process. The sustainability of our planet and its preservation for future generations remains our on-going concern. It is Comazo’s philosophy that the production of our underwear meets the highest social, human and environmental standards. We want to hand over an intact environment to future generations to come. 

Each underwear piece we produce bears the hallmark "Confidence in Textiles - textiles tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100". This guarantees that Comazo underwear contains no pollutants and is perfectly safe for humans. 

In early 2009, Comazo became the first German underwear company to be Fairtrade-licensed. We launched into the German market the first Fairtrade underwear collection made from 100% fair trade organic cotton under our brand label “comazo | earth”. 

Comazo places great emphasis on environmentally friendly production processes when selecting suppliers and partners for the company's own production. Effluents are controlled, pre-cleared and then fed into private or municipal purification plants. In 2009, at our headquarters in Albstadt, we operationalised a heat recovery system which optimizes energy efficiency and results in the sustainable improvement of the CO2 balance. Comazo is proud to have set up such a system using one of the world's latest technologies for environmental protection. 

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