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Visiting South Africa – Comazo donates to KYP

Visiting South Africa – Comazo donates to KYP

After the opening of the computer laboratory at the Kliptown Youth Programm (KYP) this month, Katharina Maier and Ludovic Auberger visited the team of KYP in Soweto, South Africa. KYP is a charity organisation we support using savings derived from our “Staff-As-Models” Campaign. 

The computer lab is now fully operational with 20 computers.  In the mornings between 9am – 11am the community (adults) of Kliptown uses the lab which offers them free training courses: they learn to create their own free Gmail accounts, search the Internet for jobs, make online job applications etc.

Computer Labor

From 11am to 6pm, the lab is available to KYP members (students or young adults) for training on specific computer courses, free practice of what they have learnt as well as for their own private use (emailing, surfing). 

Everything is very well organized and managed by a dedicated team and the PCs are fully operational. The fact that not only KYP members but the community at large benefits from the Lab is typical of KYP ... very inclusive and open-hearted.  This opportunity is truly relevant for this Community which lives in poverty in tin shacks and would otherwise have no access to the Internet or computers.

Computer Labor

The head of the computer lab, Collen Tshazi, is responsible for systems administration and maintenance of the computers. Comazo contributed financially towards his training. Collen in turn is now further capacity building his team. 

Since many members now have e-mail accounts, are making friends via Internet and wanting to Skype or watch videos etc. cameras and headsets are needed for the computers.  In addition, more software and anti-virus programs are required.  Comazo has since committed to contribute towards the fulfilment of these requirements.

Das KYP-Team

KYP has nearly 400 students as members.  Afternoon tutoring, sports and dance programs are offered and all members are provided with food and school uniforms. 

Of special interest are the Grade 12 learners, those doing Matric (i.e. Abitur).  They have to pass their exams, find a job or carry on with further studies.  Recently, KYP Matric graduates achieved an incredible 100% pass rate!



Some have already started their studies at University, thanks to scholarships that are organized or paid for by KYP. 

We think the KYP team is doing a sterling job - their daily commitment and ability to deliver on such projects is truly impressive. 

We look forward to further joint projects with KYP and will continue to update you on them.


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