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Laundry ABC

Laundry ABC

In our underwear ABC you can look up the most important textile terms and get an overview of different materials, manufacturing processes, processing methods and much more. If you have any further questions, please have a look at "Frequently Asked Questions" or contact our customer service at eComazo(at)



  • Acetate

    A chemical compound of cellulose with acetic acid is called acetate. Fabrics made of acetate are characterized by a matt-shimmering sheen, a full feel, heat sensitivity and low moisture absorption.

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  • Active ingredients

    Special active ingredients in textiles are additives that give the textile positive properties. For example, silver ions, as used in finishing with silver technology, are considered special active ingredients. In addition to medical active ingredients, wellness active ingredients such as Ayurveda are also frequently used. They give the laundry a special suppleness or a special scent.

  • Adhesive cup bra

    The adhesive cup bra has no straps and no back closure. It consists only of two cups on the inside in which a special plastic is incorporated, which ensures that the cups adhere to the body. This bra is especially recommended under tight clothing. Adhesive cup bras are more suitable for smaller cup sizes. See also cup-only bra or stick-on bra.

  • Allergy

    The exaggerated defense reaction of the body's immune system to certain, usually harmless environmental substances, so-called allergens, is called an allergy.
    Allergies can cause various reactions of the body and can often be positively influenced by appropriate anti-allergenic clothing. Thus, our comazo|earth underwear made of organic cotton is particularly gentle to the skin. 

  • Animal fiber

    Animal fibers are natural fibers and are obtained from animals. They include wool and silk.

  • Assortment

    The range includes all collections, products and product lines.


  • Balconette bra

    Our balconette bra can be worn with or without straps, depending on the occasion and outerwear. The silicone band worked into the upper edge of the cups always ensures optimum support.

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  • Bamboo

    Bamboo is a valid alternative to cotton. The grass cells have a high proportion of cellulose in their cell walls, which provides stability. It is precisely this stability that makes bamboo interesting for the conversion of cellulose into textiles. Bamboo has an antibacterial effect and the fibers can quickly absorb moisture from the body. Clothing made of bamboo is ideal as workwear and summer clothing. The fabric is also very elastic, due to the construction of the bamboo. At the same time, however, extra robust. On the skin, the bamboo fiber feels pleasantly dry at all times.

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  • Bandeau bra

    Bandeau bras look very similar to a broad strip and are often strapless, making them perfect to wear under off-the-shoulder dresses and tops. Often, the straps are also removable to create even more flexibility.

  • Basic

    Basic items are the products from our regular assortment. These are available over several seasons in selected basic colours. In addition, these articles are also available in changing fashion colors depending on the season.

  • Body

    Body is the short form of the English word "body suit" and refers to a one-piece, very tight-fitting underwear. The bodysuit usually has a button seal or hook closure in the crotch. Depending on the fashion trend, the bodysuit is sometimes more, sometimes less demanded.


  • Body zones

    The human body can be divided into individual zones where more or less heat is released under stress. For example, you sweat more under the armpits or in the chest area, as more body heat is released here, while the hips or back tend to be cooler body zones. In warm body zones, body mapping underwear relies on moisture-wicking fabrics and temperature-balancing knitwear, while in colder body zones, thermal fabrics and heat-retaining knitwear are used. To ensure maximum wearing comfort at the same time, the individual body zones are knitted into the fabric, thus avoiding superfluous seams and making the garment feel like a second skin.

  • Bodymapping

    For the development of bodymapping functional underwear, findings from sports science are taken into account. The articles have zones that correspond to the patterns discovered in studies with regard to heat and moisture release of individual body zones during athletic exertion. Thus, areas where the body perspires heavily are particularly moisture-wicking and airy.

  • Boxer shorts

    Boxer shorts are wide cut underpants with legs. They are offered for both sexes, but are more popular in the men's range. Boxer shorts are often worn in combination with a T-shirt as nightwear. They are available as woven boxer shorts or in fine jersey fabrics.

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  • Bra with underwire

    Underwire bras are especially suitable for larger cup sizes. These bras are reinforced with fine plastic underwires in the lower cup area. Thus, they give the breast optimum support and stability.


  • Bra withour underwire

    Bras without underwire offer flexibility, freedom of movement and high wearing comfort with smaller cups.

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  • Brand

    Brand is the term we use to describe our collections with, i.e. the individual brands offered under the Comazo umbrella brand.

  • Brief

    Briefs are tight-fitting underpants without legs that cover the buttom. Briefs come in different styles: Maxi briefs, sports briefs, mini briefs.

  • Bustier

    A bustier is a top that ends above the waist and holds the breast in place of a bra. They come with pre-shaped or molded cups. Bustiers are especially suitable for small to medium bust sizes.

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  • Care labeling

    The care label is usually printed on the packaging of the garments or sewn inside. It indicates what should be observed when washing and drying to ensure a long life of the textiles.

    In our laundry blog, we have summarized the most important information and tips for proper washing for you.

  • Cellulosic chemical fiber

    The starting material of cellulosic fibers is cellulose, which is mainly obtained from the cellulose-rich woods of spruce and beech trees or from waste from cotton spinning mills.

    With the help of caustic soda and carbon disulfide, the cellulose is liquefied into a spinning mass, then pressed through nozzles and spun into filaments.

    Due to the natural raw material, chemcial cellulosic fibers are very similar to cotton in their properties. Modal fibers are modified viscose fibers. They have higher strength and improved service properties than viscose fibers.

  • Certificate

    Certificates are used for quality assurance, consumers can rely on these standards and get more security when buying certified products.
    Comazo products are checked for quality in ongoing tests and by independent institutes. Depending on their intended use, they must meet different criteria in order to be awarded various certificates and seals of approval.

  • Chest circumference

    How women determine their chest circumference:

    Underbust circumference: measure horizontally around your body under the breast.

    Chest circumference: Place the measuring tape horizontally at the strongest part of the chest and measure the circumference.


    This is how men determine their chest circumference:

    Measure under the armpits at the strongest part of the chest.

    For best results, we recommend to measure directly on the body or to wear thin clothes for the measurement. Our size chart contains a nice drawing for this.

  • Circular knit

    Circular knitted fabric is knitted in tubular form, i.e. in one piece without seams. It is particularly often used for health and functional underwear to avoid unnecessary seams and increase wearing comfort. In industrial production, circular knitwear is made on special circular knitting machines.

  • Circular knitting machine

    In industrial production, circular knitting is made on special circular knitting machines. These are particularly suitable for very fine knitted fabrics, whereby the thickness of the finished knitted fabric depends on the thickness of the yarn used, the fibers and the knitted weave.

  • Climate regulation

    Climate-regulating functions in textiles are also known as "phase change management". This means that these textiles always ensure the right feel-good temperature: they warm where warmth is needed and cool where pleasant coolness is desired. This function is made possible in various ways. For example, body-mapped clothing is knitted differently in a wide variety of body zones, naturally without any disturbing seams, in order to wick away moisture in areas that sweat more and keep the body warm and dry. This effect can also be achieved through different combinations of materials: two-layer fabric constructions in which the fabric attracts moisture and releases it to the outer layer of fabric.

  • Collections

    We call our individual underwear lines offered under the umbrella brand "Comazo - We live favorite underwear" collections: comazo, comazo|black, comazo|platin, comazo|active, comazo|earth, comazo|protect, comazo|med.

  • comazo collection

    With the Comazo collection, we offer inexpensive basics for every day. In addition to the basic colours black, white and skin, seasonally changing fashion colours and designs are also available. Everyday underwear that fits perfectly, is easy to care for, inexpensive and classically beautiful, while guaranteeing optimal wearing comfort.

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  • comazo|active collection

    comazo|active is the collection for athletes and outdoor fans; whether amateur or professional, you will find functional textiles for sports and leisure, tailored to the needs of various sports, such as cycling, skiing or running.

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  • comazo|black collection

    For the luxury comazo|black collection, Comazo uses only the finest fabrics, laces and materials to add the finishing touch to special moments. Highest quality workmanship ensures the highest wearing comfort and the perfect look.

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  • comazo|earth collection

    With the comazo|earth collection, Comazo meets the highest organic and fair trade requirements. Underwear made from the purest organic cotton, fairly traded and with GOTS certification for conscious consumers who want to be dressed fashionably and comfortably at the same time.

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  • comazo|med collection

    comazo|med is aimed at people who have specific requirements for their underwear due to various ailments, from sensitive skin to neurodermatitis to incontinence. To meet these needs, Comazo develops special materials, processing and finishing techniques that provide relief and security in everyday life for those affected.

  • comazo|platin collection

    comazo|platin is the feel-good underwear for the actively minded and takes special account of the needs of mature people. Special materials, cuts and patterns ensure absolute comfort and a classically, elegant look.

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  • comazo|protect collection

    Tough and demanding jobs require functional textiles of the highest quality: flame retardant, tear, cut and puncture resistant, protective against extreme heat and cold as well as minimal electrostatic charge. The pieces in the comazo|protect collection meet these requirements, which is why they are increasingly used by authorities and special forces as well as other demanding professional groups.

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  • Compression bra

    The compression bra fits very tightly to keep the breast calm after surgery and promote wound healing.

  • Concern

    If you are not satisfied with your Comazo merchandise or our service, please feel free to let us know by phone or email. We will try to find a solution and follow up on your concern.

  • Controlled organic livestock

    Controlled organic livestock includes species-appropriate husbandry, appropriate feeding and the renunciation of fattening aids. It requires generous, changing pastures and a low stocking density for animals. Fattening aids and the use of pesticides are prohibited. The economy is close to nature in compliance with the ecological load limits. State-approved, independent inspection bodies are audited annually, organic producers and processors die for compliance with the stricter production and processing guidelines.

  • Corn fiber

    Corn fiber is a natural, constantly renewable and very easily degradable plant fiber produced from the corn plant. Corn fiber has many excellent properties: it is very fine, soft, gentle, skin-friendly and easy to clean. Good heat storage capacity and very good insulation properties make the corn fiber perfect for children's clothing, sportswear, socks and outerwear.

  • Corselet

    A corselet is a "light" corset: it is not laced but closed at the back with hooks and shapes not only the chest and waist but also legs and partly the thighs. It does not fit as tightly as a normal corset and belongs more to shapewear than a bodice.

  • Corset

    A corset is a very stiff bodice that used to be reinforced with fish bones and now with metal. It shapes the chest and waist and is laced in the back and closed in the front with hooks. Nowadays, it is often worn under dresses or as a top. 

  • Corsetry

    Corsetry is the name given to special, figure-shaping underwear for women. The task of this underwear is to shape the silhouette and conceal the problem areas. It is available as light, medium or strong shaping underwear, depending on the firmness and shaping power.  Especially on the bottom and belly, and depending on the design also on the thighs, it shapes through its firm fit and is perfect to wear under figure-hugging outerwear.

  • Cotton

    Cotton belongs to the natural fibers. The seed hair of the cotton plant are spun, and the quality depends on several properties: staple length, fineness, strength, purity, color.

    Cotton is characterized by its softness, durability and tear resistance. It is easy to care for and in some cases even boil-proof.

    Cotton can be subjected to various finishing processes, see the terms cotton gassed, mercerized and super combed.

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  • Cotton since 1901

    Cotton since 1901 is a lace yarn brand from Gerbr. Otto Baumwollfeinzwirnerei GmbH +Co. KG. This is a high quality, long staple, contamination free cotton of European origin.

  • Cotton, gassedd

    Gassing, also called flaming or singeing, is a finishing process. In this process, protruding hairs are mechanically lowered, burned or flamed, usually over a gas flame, giving the fabric a smooth, fine, clear appearance. It becomes more elegant and easier to handle.

  • Cotton, mercerized

    In this finishing process, cotton yarns are treated with cold caustic soda and simultaneously stretched. The fiber is thus smoothed, gaining a durable, wash-resistant sheen and a silk-like feel, classy and elegant with high tensile strength.

  • Cotton, super combed

    This cotton has been super combed several times to achieve a fine, smooth and firm look. Fabrics made from super combed cotton are extremely light and have a high quality feel.

  • Cup

    Bra cups are also called cups.

  • Cup bra only

    This is a bra that has neither straps nor back closure. It is recommended under skin tight and very tight clothing. Cup-only bras are more suitable for smaller cup sizes. See also adhesive cup bra or stick-on bra.

  • Cup size

    The cup size is calculated by the measurements of the underbust and the breast at its strongest point. For optimal measurement and detailed information, please refer to our size chart.

  • Design

    "Design is the joy of beautiful underwear". According to this slogan, Comazo develops fashionable and functional underwear for every day and all occasions - highest quality and perfect wearing comfort guaranteed. The bestl: your favorite underwear is also available in your favorite colors.


  • Cellulose

    The main component of plant cell walls is called cellulose. Cellulose occurs very frequently as a natural raw material and serves a variety of chemical industries, such as the production of cellulosic chemcial fibers.


  • Circumference

    see also chest circumference

  • Underwear

    Garment that is worn under the outer clothing. It lies directly on the skin and provides hygiene functions, so it must be washed regularly.


  • Delta-String

    A delta string is a string that has a triangle of fabric in the front and only a triangle indicated from the strings in the back. See also V-string.

  • Diolen®

    Diols are organic compounds containing divalent alcohols ("dialcohols").
    Diolen® is the brand name for a special synthetic fiber from the group of polyester fibers; it is characterized by particular tensile strength and is resistant to oxygen, light and high temperatures.

  • Dyeing

    "The favorite underwear also comes in the favorite colors".
    Comazo uses only colors for their underwear that are harmless. Comazo underwear bears the "Confidence in Textiles" seal according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100.


  • Electrostatic discharge

    Electrostatic discharge is a very short and strong electrical current pulse, usually caused by frictional electricity, which is often perceived as a spark or breakdown. Humans do not feel this pulse until it reaches approximately 2000 V, however, in some environments, this is enough to cause fires or explosions. For example, care should be taken when handling flammable liquids, gases or dust. The right workwear to prevent electrostatic discharge is offered by our comazo|protect collection.

  • Relief bra

    The relief bra has an extra wide underbust band and wide straps to relieve the breast.


  • Fabric

    Woven fabric refers to textile surfaces made of at least two intersecting yarn systems. The yarns are arranged next to each other in looms, with transverse and longitudinal rows of yarn. The longitudinal rows of yarn are always pulled alternately under and over the transverse rows of yarn. In the underwear sector, woven fabrics are mainly used for the production of woven boxer shorts and woven pajamas.

  • Fairtrade

    The Fairtrade organization has set itself the task of improving working conditions for producers in developing countries. The standard is built on three fundamental values: economic, ecological and social. For certified farmers, the purchase of fairly traded raw materials means fair wages that are higher than world market prices, a Fairtrade bonus, and a premium for organic production. In addition, child and forced labor, for example, are prohibited. The farms are regularly inspected for compliance with the Fairtrade guidelines.

    Products whose raw materials originate from fair trade bear a Fairtrade code, with which the product can be traced back to its origins.

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  • Faser

    All fabrics consist of individual fibers. These only result in a fabric in their entirety and after processing, i.e. spinning into yarns and subsequent knitting.

    There are different types of fibers:

    Natural fibers

    • Animal fibers, e.g. wool or silk

    • Vegetable fibers, e.g. cotton

    Chemical fibers

    • Cellulosic fibers, e.g. viscose or modal

    • Synthetic fibers, e.g. Meryl®, Trevira Bioactive® or spandex

  • Fashion

    Comazo offers, in addition to the standard underwear series, also so-called fashion series. These are only available for a limited time, usually one season. They differ from the basics by color, pattern, applications, cuts, etc. and are often only available in Comazo lingerie stores.

  • Favorite underwear

    At Comazo, we attribute favorite underwear not only to a modern, appealing look, but also to the highest quality of materials and workmanship, perfect fit, maximum wearing comfort and durability. Our employees and customers have already found their favorite underwear. Our wish is that everyone takes their favorite Comazo underwear out of the closet drawer first, because it gives them the best feeling. Real favorite underwear it is.

  • Fiber blend

    Fiber blends allow the advantages of different fibers to be combined. New yarns with new character, new look and new feel are created.

  • Filament

    Filaments are fibers of practically infinite length. Filaments include all man-made fibers as well as natural silk.

  • Fine rib

    Fine rib is a right/right stitch fabric produced on circular knitting machines. It is an elastic and fine fabric, which finds its use in the production of body-hugging underwear.

  • Fit

    The adaptability of garments to the contours of the body is called fit and is crucial for your wearing comfort. It is determined by the clothing sizes.

    Click here to go directly to our size chart►

  • French Knickers

    French Knickers are panties with a high-waist fit and legs with half-length.

  • Functional underwear

    The requirements for functional underwear differ considerably from those for everyday underwear. The functionalities of underwear are defined as certain effects of individual fabrics and materials as well as processing and finishing methods. For example, materials finished with silver technology have an odor-inhibiting effect on perspiration, while multilayer fabric constructions ensure optimum climate control and moisture transport. Special fiber blends provide thermal functions. Bodymapping garments provide optimal climate regulation and moisture transport, tailored to the respective body zones. Sports bras offer strong support for every type of sports and our seamless underwear feels like a second skin. For more information on functional underwear, see our comazo|active and comazo|protect collections.

  • Functionality/Function

    Functionalities of underwear are defined as certain effects of individual fabrics and materials as well as processing and finishing methods. For example, materials finished with silver technology have an odor-inhibiting effect on perspiration, multilayer fabric constructions ensure optimum climate regulation and moisture transport, and special fiber blends provide thermal functions.


  • G string

    G string is a form of string. Characteristic is the scarce use of fabric.

  • GOTS

    The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is a globally recognized standard that places the highest demands on textiles in order to evaluate them as genuine and consistent natural textiles. For textiles to be awarded the GOTS certificate, this means, among other things, that they must consist of at least 90% pure natural fibers and contain a maximum of 10% synthetic fibers or viscose. The natural fibers from animals or plants must also come from controlled organic farming.


  • Health underwear

    Health underwear is the term used to describe underwear that meets the special requirements of a wide range of medical conditions, e.g. neurodermatitis underwear or incontinence underwear.

  • Hemp

    Due to its many positive properties, hemp is one of the oldest useful and decorative plants in the world and has been used to produce textiles for several thousand years. The hemp fibers are obtained from the bast of the useful hemp plants. Since the hemp fibers form large cavities that separate the layers of air, hemp clothing provides pleasant coolness in summer and cozy warmth in winter. In addition, hemp textiles can absorb up to 30% moisture without feeling wet. Another positive effect is due to the natural greasiness of the fibers: Rain beads off for a very long time before it is absorbed and the clothing has a dirt-repellent and antistatic effect. In terms of UV protection, hemp is the unbeatable natural textile; it offers 95% UV protection, which is particularly appreciated by fair and sensitive skin types. Due to modern extraction and processing of the fibers, hemp textiles are no longer necessarily rough and colorless today, but comfortable to wear and available in beautiful colors. When extracting the raw materials, attention is usually paid to sustainability and humane working conditions. Often, hemp products are also Fairtrade or GOTS certified. In addition to pure hemp textiles, there are also blended fabrics, e.g. with cotton, silk or linen. As with modern functional clothing, the positive properties of the individual fibers can also be optimally combined here.

  • Hollow fiber

    Hollow fibers are fibers that are cylindrical in shape and have a hollow space in the middle. These fibers have a high absorbency to moisture and have an insulating effect. Clothing with these fibers is mainly used in the functional textile sector, for example for thermal clothing.

  • Hygiene laundry

    Underwear with special hygienic function is very hygienic on the one hand due to its generous cut and on the other hand due to the processed fabrics and materials. Underwear with tight cuffs provides a comfortable and secure fit and fabrics finished with silver technology provide an antibacterial effect. Hygienic underwear is not always boil-proof, because thanks to high-tech materials and innovative detergents, temperatures beyond 60° C are no longer needed these days.  Hygienic underwear is available in the comazo|med and comazo|platin collections, depending on requirements.

  • Manufacturer sales

    In our Comazo manufacturer sales, you will receive personal advice and competent contact persons. There, you can try on and compare all products directly. We will gladly measure your body and determine the right size individually. Just stop by and have a look!

    Go directly to our store overview► here.


  • Incontinence underwear

    Incontinence underwear is specially designed for the needs of affected people and maintains discretion and a secure feeling in everyday life. It offers special protection from mild to severe incontinence. The underwear has different functions depending on the severity of the condition. In the case of mild incontinence, a membrane protects against moisture release and disposable pads can be used. In the case of more severe disease, the integrated absorbent core provides security. The fabrics used have an antimicrobial and thus odor-inhibiting effect.



  • Knitwear

    Knitting refers to a technique using at least two needles to create meshing using a yarn. In knitting, the stitches strung together form an area called a knit. Knitted fabrics can be created using a wide variety of knitting patterns. Knitted fabrics fit to the body shapes, are very elastic and flexible in comparison to woven fabrics.


  • Lamb wool

    Lamb wool is the wool obtained from the first shearing of a lamb. Lamb's wool is used to make a fluffy and very warm yarn, often in combination with polyamide and acrylic for price reasons, as well as to strengthen its durability or tear resistance. Plasma treatment (or superwash) is an environmentally safe chlorine-free finish that beautifies the fibers and brings positive yarn properties, such as tear resistance and skin-friendliness. This treatment makes wool garments less itchy, not that matted and easy to wash in the washing machine.

  • Large sizes

    To ensure optimal support, bras with large cup sizes have special elements. For example, vertical bars are used on the sides for stabilization. In the front area, a wide fabric element that is located under and between the cups, also called a frame, provides additional support and relieves the breast. Extra wide straps do not cut in.

  • Laser Cut Technology

    Laser cut technology enables precise, sharp and fast processing of a textile. The laser cuts through materials with hot temperatures and ensures that the cutting edges are fused. This results in a refinement of the textile, as the fabric can no longer fray. With no finished ends, there are no annoying, bulky seams.

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  • Layer / layer principle

    The layer principle is a layering model for functional clothing. Three layers of clothing fulfill different functions and play together perfectly. It is important that all layers are coordinated with each other and that no layer is neglected. Layer 1 is the layer that has direct contact with the skin, e.g. functional underwear such as bodymapping, 777 ski underwear or seamless underwear from comazo|active. The main task of this layer is moisture transport. Excess moisture is transported to the outside, where it can evaporate. The body stays dry and warm. Layer 2 as a mid-layer offers thermoregulating properties and layer 3 protects the body from the external influences such as wind and rain.

  • Layer 1

    Layer 1 is the layer that has direct contact with the skin, e.g. functional underwear such as sports bras, seamless underwear, etc. The main task of this layer is moisture transport. Excess moisture is transported to the outside, where it can evaporate. The body remains dry and warm.

  • Layer 2

    Layer 2 is the intermediate layer between underwear and outerwear, this includes T-shirts, sports jerseys, body mapping clothes, shirts, etc. This layer offers thermoregulating properties and has the task of keeping the heat on the body. While doing that, the layer should remain breathable.

  • Layer 3

    Layer 3 is the outermost layer of clothing, such as soft-shell jackets, windbreakers, etc. The purpose of outerwear is to protect the body from any weather conditions, such as wind, rain and cold. It must be light, comfortable and pleasant to wear, while being breathable and moisture-wicking.

  • Linen

    Linen is made from flax fibers; depending on the proportion of flax fibers in the fabric, it is referred to as half linen (min. 40%) or full linen. In the meantime, linen has been almost completely displaced by the finer cotton, but in recent years, it has been gaining in importance again as a natural fiber. In the past, linen was often used for bedding and household linen, as it is very tear-resistant and easy to care for. Today, it is also increasingly used for the manufacture of garments.

  • Long underpants

    Long underpants are suitable as underwear especially in winter due to their good thermal properties. For winter sports, however, special functional underwear should be rather used, as these offer moisture-wicking functions in addition to thermal ones.

    Click here to go directly to our long underpants►


  • Lurex®

    Lurex® is an established manufacturer of specific mineral fibers. For yarn production, polyester yarns are vaporized with aluminum to give them a metallic sheen. The Lurex fibers are processed as metallic yarns and as effect yarns, with or without metal. The metallic shiny yarns are often used for effect seams and fabrics, for example in bras, designer dresses or fine stockings. Lurex fibers are available in almost all colors and with special effects, such as transparency.

  • Lycra®

    Lycra® is a stretchable synthetic fiber, also called spandex. Lycra is a protected brand name. Fabrics containing Lycra® fibers adapt perfectly to the contours of the body and cling to it like a second skin. These fibers are particularly well suited for use in underwear and swimwear.

  • Lyocell fiber from hemp residues

    Lyohemp® is obtained from controlled, organically grown hemp. Lyohemp® is a registered trademark of the Thuringian Institute for Textile and Plastics Research (TITK) in Rudolstadt. Only the flowers and seed stalks are used in production, which brings hemp farmers additional income through the sale of the plant stemps. The fiber from hemp is a sustainable alternative to cotton because it is an extremely fine and skin-friendly fiber.


  • Manual work

    Handmade stands for quality, durability and love for the product. Even if machine production processes have found their way into industry worldwide, in textile production, a lot is still made by hand which is deeply valued. The manual work offers some advantages, which are mainly on the customer side: When textiles are cut by hand with a band knife, which still happens every day at Comazo, fabrics can be cut in a way that the pattern continues perfectly over the seams in the finished product.

  • Manufacturer

    The manufacturer is the producer of a product. Comazo, as a fully integrated manufacturer, is involved in the entire process, from raw material extraction to basic material production, processing, delivery and distribution. Each product can be traced back through all stages and to its origins. Large parts of the production are done by hand to further increase the quality level.

  • Manufacturer price

    In classic retailing, the retailer sells items in his store or warehouse that he purchases from the producer. In the structure of manufacturer sales, intermediaries are eliminated, and the manufacturer himself offers his goods to the end consumer. He buys quality products at manufacturer prices.

  • Material

    Material describes all the ingredients to the product, such as fabrics, sewing yarns, applications, etc. All components of the products are of exquisite quality at Comazo, because they contribute decisively to a pleasant wearing feeling and make Comazo underwear your favorite.

  • Maxi-Slip

    Maxi briefs are also called panty. They are straight cut briefs at the waist with short legs that fit close to the body.

    Click here directly to our maxi briefs ►


  • Merino wool

    Merino wool is obtained from the wool of the merino sheep, which is a fine wool sheep breed. Merino wool is characterized by its fineness and softness. Merino wool is breathable in summer and insulating in winter, so it is perfect for any season.

    Advantages and important characteristics of merino wool:

    • does not scratch the skin
    • is biodegradable
    • the texture remains the same
    • can keep warm despite absorbed moisture
    • transports moisture
    • can absorb up to one third of its dry weight in moisture

    Care instructions should be followed when buying merino wool:

    • do not apply pressure when washing, optimal would be a wool program in the washing machine
    • use detergents without enzymes
    • do not use bleach or fabric softener
    • do not throw in the dryer
  • Meryl-Skinlife®

    Meryl-Skinlife® is a synthetic hollow fiber into which wafer-thin amounts of silver are incorporated. This makes the fiber particularly antibacterial and odor-inhibiting. It is well tolerated and also ideally suited for allergy sufferers and sensitive skin.

    Click here to get information about the Meryl-Skinlife® fiber here ▶

  • Meryl®

    Fabrics with Meryl® guarantee optimal fit without constricting and are extremely durable.

  • Mesh

    Mesh is the term used to describe a fine, partially transparent mesh fabric that is used primarily in functional textiles such as sports bras, sports outerwear and sports shoes.

  • Micro fiber

    Microfibers are all extremely finely spun fibers made of polymaid, polyester, modal or other synthetic fibers that are finer than silk. Microfibers are filaments and fiber yarns whose individual threads are up to 60 times smaller than a human hair.
    Microfibers have extremely fine pores and air pockets that transport body moisture to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates.

  • MicroModal®

    MicroModal® is an even finer version of the normal Modal fiber. Knitted fabrics with MicroModal® are extremely soft and light. In addition, the fibers are produced in an environmentally friendly way from domestic beech wood.

  • Mini brief

    The mini brief is an extremely brief shape. It has the shape of a panty, but is cut even tighter: at the waist it barely exceeds the pelvic bone and also does not completely cover the bottom. It fits perfectly under tight hipster jeans.


  • Minimizer bra

    The minimizer bra is a special bra that makes large bust sizes appear smaller and shapes the décolleté in an appealing way.

  • Modal Eco Pure

    TENCEL™ modal fibers with Eco Pure technology are produced using a proven, chlorine-free bleaching process for pulp and fibers. It is produced exclusively in Austria, mainly from beech wood from sustainable, managed forests in Central and Eastern Europe. These Eco Pure technology fibers tend to be softer than conventionally bleached TENCEL™ modal fibers and are very suitable for underwear, loungewear, bedding and more. The TENCEL ™ Modal fibers are identifiable with Eco pure technology. Special identification technology helps so that the eco fibers can be identified at all stages of the textile manufacturing process. 

  • Modal®

    Modal® is a special viscose fiber from the Austrian quality fiber manufacturer Lenzing. The traditional company looks back on a similar long history as Comazo and also has the same values: Sustainability, innovation and tradition. The fibers are produced in-house from 100% natural pulp as well as via a modified viscose process and follow the principle of sustainability. Modal® is particularly suitable for underwear and other garments that are close to the skin due to its uniquely soft feel and various functions. Even finer than normal Modal fibers is MicroModal®.  Furthermore, Modal® is often used in blended fabrics and functional underwear. 

    Characteristics of Modal®:   

    • soft, dimensionally stable and smooth surface
    • high color brilliance
    • easy to clean
    • skin-friendly
    • soft, supple, silk-like feel
    • smooth, cool surface touch
    • silky, elegant look
    • low swelling tendency, therefore very breathable
    • very good color brilliance
    • dimensionally stable
    • more tear-resistant, more durable and higher wet resistance than viscose

    The fiber is also characterized by very good moisture absorption and release, therefore electrostatic charge is prevented when worn. The water retention capacity of modal fibers is approx. 60%, close to that of cotton. Due to the structural design of the fiber, it offers only a low water retention capacity and is therefore drying fast.

  • Modeling bra

    Modeling bras shape the breast and create an attractive décolleté. Depending on the size of the breast, modeling bras can either enlarge or reduce.

  • Moisture transport/moisture regulation

    Functional underwear that promotes moisture transport provides a dry feeling during heavy physical exertion. Sweat and moisture is transported away from the body, to the top of the clothes, where it can evaporate to keep the body and clothes dry.

  • Molding

    In molding, underwear is thermally preformed, i.e. heat is used to form "troughs" in the underwear. This creates space for the breast in bras without the use of seams. Men's underwear is also often molded. Molded underwear offers maximum wearing comfort and is rated as very comfortable.

  • Mulesing free

    Mulesing is a painful method of protecting sheep from fly attacks.

    The procedure, named after John W. H. Mules, involves removing a V-shaped piece of skin around the sheep's tail without anesthesia. In addition, the tail is docked above the third tail  vertebra. This tightens the anal-tail fold, resulting in less accumulation of fluid, feces and urine, which greatly promote fly maggot infestation. Flies are attracted to wool soiled with feces and urine. The flies then lay their maggots in open wounds of a sheep, feeding on the flesh of the host. The resulting myiasis, which is fatal in many cases, is a major economic problem for sheep farming. Alternatives to mulesing are already being researched and put into practice. These include, in particular, non-surgical procedures:

    Intradermal injections of proteins

    • targeted sheep breeding

    • safe insecticides that do not harm meat nor wool

    • fly control with biological methods

    • So-called plastic closure clips, which tighten the sheepskin


  • Natural fiber

    Natural fibers are all fibers obtained from plants and animals or minerals that are not chemically modified during production. Cellulosic fibers, such as viscose, although made from natural raw materials, are not considered natural fibers because they are produced synthetically. The most widely used natural fibers are wool, cotton, silk, jute and linen.

  • Neckholder bra

    The straps of the neckholder bra do not go over the shoulders, but are placed around the neck. With this bra, the back remains free and the décolleté is lifted and shaped. This bra shape is particularly suitable under halter tops and dresses and is especially popular for swimwear.

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  • Neurodermatitis wash

    From antibacterial fabrics, refined with silver technology, underwear is produced, which provides alleviation especially for sensitive skin and neurodermatitis. The fabrics are knitted on circular knitting machines to avoid unnecessary seams and maximally reduce friction on the skin.

  • Nursing bra

    In the nursing bra, the cups can be easily unfolded at the front to avoid high clothing effort during breastfeeding.


  • OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

    The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textiles tested for harmful substances, with the widest distribution worldwide. Products with this seal of approval are classified as harmless. Only if all the ingredients of the end product, including sewing threads, prints, decorative materials and labels, meet the required criteria, the garment is certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100. Compliance with the standard is checked annually. During testing, the following applies: The more intense the contact of the textile with the skin, the stricter rules apply.

  • Organic cotton

    Organic cotton is grown in a controlled biological way. It is free from chemical substances, such as fertilizers or pesticides, particularly skin-friendly, soft and perfectly suitable for allergy sufferers.

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  • Outerwear

    Outerwear is the term used to describe garments that are usually worn over underwear rather than directly on the skin. Comazo also produces outerwear, namely T-shirts and long-sleeved shirts for women, men and children.

  • Outlast®

    The material was originally developed for space travel and later made available for other purposes as Space Certified technology. Materials with Outlast® offer exceptionally high wearing comfort because they absorb excess body heat when too much is produced and release it back to the body as needed.

    Characteristics of Outlast:    

    • no overheating
    • no cooling down
    • hardly any perspiration
    • even heat distribution
    • active temperature compensation

    Discover our men's Outlast products in the online shop:


  • Pants

    Underwear with short legs, which is cut straight at the waist is called pant. For men, the cut is slightly more generous than for women.

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  • Panty

    Panties are also called maxi briefs. It is cut straight on the waist and has very short, straight cut legs. Panties are skin tight and they are available for ladies.

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  • Pilling

    When individual fibers loosen from threads in fabrics and form small nodules on the surface, you talk about pilling. Pilling is favored by the use of the washing machine and dryer. Very delicate textiles should therefore be washed by hand. You will find more details on this in the care label of the laundry.

  • Polyacrylic

    Polyacryl ist eine Faser die aus Acrylnitrit erzeugt wird und gehört zu den Chemiefasern. Die Fasern sind sehr bauschig und wirken dadurch der Wolle sehr ähnlich. Sie sind warm, weich und knitterfest. Polyacrylfasern können auch für Gemische, z.B. mit Baumwolle oder Wolle verwendet werden. Zu dieser Gruppe gehören beispielsweise Dralon®, Dolan®.

    Polyacrylic is a fiber produced from acrylic nitrite and belongs to the chemical fibers. The fibers are very bulky and thus appear very similar to wool. They are warm, soft and wrinkle resistant. Polyacrylic fibers can also be used for blends, e.g. with cotton or wool. This group includes, for example, Dralon®, Dolan®.


    • high heat retention
    • crease-resistant
    • fast drying
    • high color brilliance
    • form stable
    • highly elastic           


    • lowest strength
    • low moisture absorption
  • Polyamide

    Polyamide is a chemical fiber derived from petroleum. It is very tear-resistant and therefore often used for demanding applications, such as bras, lingerie, gowns, etc. This group includes e.g. Nylon, Perlon®, Tactel®, Meryl®.

    Characteristics of polyamide fibers:   

    • dimensionally stable and high strength
    • crease-resistant and quick-drying
    • high color brilliance
    • soft and supple
    • moths and bacteria do not settle
    • is extraordinarily easy to care for
  • Polyester

    Polyester is one of the chemical fibers and is obtained from petroleum. The fiber is extremely tear and abrasion resistant and absorbs hardly any moisture. This group includes, for example, Diolen®, Trevira®.

    Characteristics of polyester fiber:

    • very light fiber with high elasticity
    • good resilience
    • high tear and abrasion resistance
    • form stable
    • crease-resistant
    • high color brilliance
    • quick drying
    • hardly any pilling

    Origin polyester (staple fiber):

    Polyester chips are melted at temperatures of about 280°C and then spun. After spinning, the smooth filaments are usually textured or cut into spun fibers. The liquid mass is then passed through a series to a cold air ducts where it is spun into its fiber form and solidified by lowering the temperature. Once they reach the proper strength, the newly obtained fibers are stretched and rolled.

    Polyester is easy to care for, quick drying, durable and dries quickly. Clothing made of polyester is often used in sports, functional and outdoor clothing. Socks made of polyester show very good breathability and optimal moisture transport.

  • Polyester Coolmax EcoMade

    COOLMAX® EcoMade technology is made from 100% recycled resources. This polyester fiber can be produced either from 100% textile waste or recycled PET bottles. Thanks to this technology, the clothing has a moisture-wicking effect, stays cool and dry. It is used for denim, active wear, socks etc.

  • Processing

    The processing of the product contributes significantly to the quality and increases the wearing comfort. For example, neatly finished seams are hardly noticeable on the skin. High-quality processed products have a longer life and are more durable than others.

  • Product

    The finished pieces of underwear are called products. The individual products divide by product groups, for example, ladies and men, but also by colors, sizes and so on.

  • Product line

    Products that belong together because of their appearance, processing or functions are grouped together in product lines.

  • Promotion

    We call a promotion a limited offer of goods in terms of time and quantity, which is sold to all interested parties only in normal household quantities.

  • Protective laundry

    Protective underwear is special underwear with special functions, which is particularly suitable for certain occupational groups, such as firefighters, forestry work, laboratories and many more. The materials and workmanship meet the highest standards to ensure maximum safety. The fulfillment of the requirements is regularly checked and certified by independent testing institutes.

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  • Push up bra

    The push-up bra is a special underwired bra with small pads built into the cups. Depending on the model, the pads can be removed. The bra makes the breast appear larger and lifts it strongly. Push-up bras are suitable for small to medium cup sizes.

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  • Quality

    Quality can either described as all the properties of a product, as well as assessing the quality of the product. It indicates the extent to which a product meets specified requirements. "Quality is equated by the customer with the durability of the product".

  • Quality assurance

    The goods are put through their paces in our in-house quality assurance department: Test washing, weight checks, color fastness, etc. Only flawless products are passed on to the customer to ensure the high quality of Comazo's favorite lingery in the future.

  • Quality laundry

    Comazo understands quality underwear as underwear that meets the highest requirements, is durable and offers the highest wearing comfort. Quality starts already with the yarn.


  • Ramie

    The ramie plant originates from East and Southeast Asia and is used for fiber production for natural textiles. It is one of the most important natural fibers in the world. Fabrics made from ramie are slightly silky and very similar to linen. Due to very complex processing, some of which cannot yet be automated, ramie fabrics are usually somewhat more expensive than other natural textiles.

  • Recycled Lycra

    LYCRA® T400® EcoMade fiber comes from recycled plastics and renewable plant resources. It can be used in the same fabric concepts as the original fiber on which it is based. It is used for denim or activewear.

  • Recycled polyester

    The old PET bottles, ocean plastic and broken fishing nets, are collected, sorted and cleaned. It is then shredded into snippets, which are melted down and spun into new fibers. These are further processed into yarn and then used to make new textiles. It is used for sportswear and functional clothing.

  • Refibra Technologie by Lenzing

    The pioneering REFIBRA ™ technology involves the upcycling of cotton scraps from clothing production. These cotton scraps are converted into cotton pulp. A significant proportion - up to one third - is added to wood pulp, and the combined raw material is processed into new TENCEL ™ lyocell virgin fibers for the production of fabrics and garments.

  • RWS

    Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) ensures the welfare of the sheep and the land on which they graze. The RWS requires that all locations are certified, from wool farmers to the seller in the final business-to-business transaction. Typically, the final stage to be certified is the garment manufacturer or brand. Retailers (business-to-consumer) are not required to be certified. Farms are certified under the animal welfare and land management and social modules of the RWS. Subsequent stages of the supply chain are certified to the requirements of the Content Claim Standard. If you would like to be certified according to the RWS, you can contact one of the listed certification bodies. Products from Comazo are also RWS certified.


  • Refinement/ finishing process

    Finishing processes are special procedures for the processing of yard goods, which serve to make the subsequent underwear softer, grippier, more delicate and overall to gain higher quality.  

    In the in-house "finishing department", Comazo's favorite underwear is refined using a wide variety of processes and depending on the intended use. Thus, we bleach, dye, roughen, smooth, flame, and much more on our own. Special finishing processes, such as those required for health underwear, work underwear, protective underwear and sports underwear, are also still carried out in-house.

  • V string

    A V-string is a string that has a triangle of fabric in the front and only a triangle indicated from the strings in the back. See also delta string.

  • Vegetable fiber

    Vegetable fibers are obtained from the stems, trunks and barks of plants. After extraction and processing, they can be further processed into fabrics and ropes.

  • Viscose

    Viscose is one of the cellulosic chemical fibers. It is produced synthetically from the natural base material cellulose. Viscose fibers have high color brilliance and a silky sheen, hence the name "artificial silk". They have only a low heat retention capacity, which makes them attractive especially in warm months.

  • Viscose process

    In the viscose process, wood residues are mixed with chemicals and boiled to dissolve out the cellulose. The cellulose is then further processed and spun into yarn through spinnerets.


  • Seacell

    SeaCell™ is a fiber made from algae and cellulose. The dried algae are coarsely crushed, ground and evenly blended into cellulose fibers to produce textiles for various applications. The algae are not fully processed and their biological value is preserved.

    The algae used in SeaCell™ come exclusively from the fjords of Iceland. Algae are rich in valuable ingredients and contain a variety of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. The active ingredients contained in algae stimulate cell regeneration, help with skin diseases, itching and have an anti-inflammatory effect. With its high content of antioxidants, it can also protect the skin from cell-damaging free radicals.

  • Seamless

    The Seamless product line stands for lightweight, fine, seamless underwear that is barely noticeable on the skin. The fabric is produced on circular knitting machines so that unnecessary seams can be avoided. Edges and selvedges are often laser cut so that sewing is not necessary there either. The unique underwear pieces of this collection are especially suitable for sports but also for maximum comfort in everyday life.

  • Shapewear

    Shapewear is special, figure-shaping underwear, which is becoming increasingly popular among women and men. Depending on the design and purpose, the special underwear pieces simply hide minor imperfections or add a special touch. Shapewear always provides the perfect silhouette.

  • Shop

    The term shop has become widespread in Germany and primarily refers to online stores as virtual sales platforms. Whether the retailer also operates stationary stores is irrelevant.

  • Silk

    Silk is the only naturally occurring continuous fiber. It is the lightest natural fiber, is obtained from the cocoons of the silkworm and until today mainly in Asia. Linen made of silk is smooth, has a noble luster and only low weight.


    • good insulating capacity for heat and cold
    • very skin-friendly
    • has the greatest strength of all natural fibers
    • high moisture absorption
    • sensitive to sweat
    • soft, supple and fine

    Tip: Real silk documents a touch of luxury and is used especially for noble lingeri. It should be washed only hand warm and not ironed when hot.

  • Silver technology

    Fabrics and materials finished with silver technology have an antibacterial effect on the skin, which prevents odor formation and can even bring comfort for irritated, sensitive skin, including neurodermatitis. Silver technology is mainly used in functional underwear, health underwear and work underwear.

  • Size

    In 2009, Comazo participated in the "Size Germany" project as a partner of the Hohenstein Institute. Here, more than 13000 men, women and children between the ages of 6 and 87 were measured as part of a study on size change and survey of the German population. The result is the most accurate determination criteria for the clothing sizes required for the German market. Thus, the clothing sizes could be adjusted and standardized even more precisely. To determine underwear sizes, women and men need the chest circumference as well as the waist circumference, women additionally need the underbust circumference. To our size chart.

  • Size chart

    In 2009, Comazo participated in the "Size Germany" project as a partner of the Hohenstein Institute. Here, more than 13000 men, women and children between the ages of 6 and 87 were measured as part of a study on size change and survey of the German population. The result is the most accurate determination criteria for the clothing sizes required for the German market. Thus, the clothing sizes could be adjusted and standardized even more precisely. To determine underwear sizes, women and men need the chest circumference as well as the waist circumference, women additionally need the underbust circumference. To our size chart.

  • Smartcel

    Smartcel™ fiber is a type of cellulose fiber infused with the trace element zinc, which is essential for our immune system, sensory function and metabolism, as well as skin regeneration and protection. High quality zinc is melted and oxidized to white pure zinc oxide powder and added to cellulose fiber. This can be used to produce fabrics for various applications. Medically approved zinc oxide combines a rejuvenating effect to protect and regenerate the skin, with hygienic and antibacterial properties. The production of this fiber does not require corrosive chemicals and consists of environmentally friendly, resource-saving, biodegradable and renewable raw materials.

  • Spacer

    Spacers are pre-shaped and molded soft shells that are not made of the typical foam, but are made of a lightweight, shape-retaining material that is breathable and cools.


    • gives the breast a rounder shape
    • cups do not have an enlarging effect
    • provides support and lift at the same time
    • does not stand out under clothes
    • high wearing comfort due to light fit
  • Spandex

    Spandex is also known under the brand names Lycra® or Dorlastan®. 
    Underwear often has a spandex content of 2% -6% to ensure an exact fit with freedom of movement.
    It is similar to rubber, has a particularly high elastic stretch, 3 - 8 - times its original length, but is much more durable and dyeable.
    Spandex is always processed together with another raw material. The aim is to give elasticity to the textiles.

  • Sports bra

    In general, the sports bra, like other functional underwear, is made of certain functional fabrics and materials to support both fit, breathability and moisture transport. In addition, it supports the chest particularly well and provides firm support even during demanding sports. Sports bras come in different strengths depending on the type of sport: light for calmer sports, such as golf or gymnastics, medium for cycling and skiing, for example, and strong support for sports like tennis or running.

  • Sports brief

    Sports briefs were originally intended as functional underwear for sports, but are now increasingly worn in everyday life. They are tightly cut and fit close to the skin.

  • Standard

    Basic articles that are a fixed part of the range for a long time are called standard. They are mostly available in the basic colors black, white and skin.

  • Stick on bra

    Stick-on bra is the name given to self-adhesive disposable silicone cups. These are simply put under the breast. Thus, the back and décolleté remain free, no marks remain under clothing and the breast is shaped and held. Stick-on bras are more suitable for smaller cup sizes. See also adhesive cup bra or cup-only bra.

  • Store

    The stationary stores of Comazo. Here, you will find competent advice and the entire range.

    Click here to go to the store locations▶

  • String/Thong

    String /thong is the name given to a skimpy underwear bottom that consists of only a skimpy triangle of fabric at the front and back, held together by thin strings. There are various forms of the thongs: c-string, delta string, g-string, t-string, v-string and as various mixed forms.

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  • Subbrand

    The individual collections of Comazo are referred to as subbrands. In total, Comazo offers seven collections: comazo, comazo|black, comazo|platinum, comazo|earth, comazo|active, comazo|protect, comazo|med

  • Synthetic fiber

    Synthetic fibers are defined as industrially produced fibres. A distinction is made between cellulose synthetic chemical fibers such as viscose, modal and synthetic fibres. These include, for example, polyester and polyamide. The properties of the synthetic fibres can be controlled by their length, fineness and structure.


  • T-string

    A T-string is a thong that has a small triangle of fabric only on the front and is otherwise held together exclusively by strings. See also G-string.


    TACTEL® is a special chemical fiber from the manufacturer INVISTA. Due to its many advantages, it is used especially often in women's lingerie: it is soft, smooth, light and breathable. Furthermore, TACTEL® is fast drying and has high strength. Due to its lightness, it is also popular for health lingerie.

  • Tencel Luxe

    TENCEL™ Luxe filament yarn is derived from cellulose. The TENCEL™ Luxe fiber has a soft, silky smooth drape and a flowing shape. TENCEL™ Luxe filaments can be blended with other fine fibers such as silk, cashmere or wool. Thanks to its silky smooth surface, it is often used in luxury fashion.

  • Testing

    Comazo underwear is tested for a wide range of criteria in various test procedures. On the one hand, criteria prescribed by compliance with standards and certificates, and on the other hand, our own specifications regarding quality and durability. Thus, depending on the linen, different test procedures are applied to color fastness, wash resistance, flammability, weight, fineness and uniformity of knitwear.

  • Textile confidence

    Textiles that meet the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 are awarded the Confidence in Textiles seal of approval. The Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textiles tested for harmful substances, with the widest distribution worldwide. Products with this seal of approval are classified as harmless. Only if all the ingredients of the end product, including sewing threads, prints, decorative materials and labels, meet the required criteria, the garment will be certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Compliance with the standard is checked annually. During testing, the more intensive the contact between the textile and the skin, the stricter the requirements.

  • Thermal function

    Functional underwear with thermal function keeps the heat on the body and provides a pleasantly warm feeling at low temperatures. Thermal underwear is especially suitable in winter, e.g. for skiing.

  • Thong

    The thong has a little more fabric than the string. In addition to the front and back, the sides also consist of fabric. See also thong/string.

  • Torselette

    A torselette is a kind of light corset, but it reaches to the hips and is not as rigid and tight as a corset. It is also not laced, but closed in the back with hooks. Small metal or plastic rods are sewn into this piece of underwear to shape the figure. Torselets are available both with and without straps and suspenders.

  • Trevira Bioactive®

    Trevira Bioactive® fibers have permanent bioactive properties. They prevent bacteria from multiplying in or on the fiber and thus improve hygiene. Odor formation is prevented even under heavy use, and Trevira Bioactiv® additionally ensures an all-round fresh feeling.

  • Triwitex technology:

    TRIWITEX® is a specially developed, patented spinning process based on core yarn technology. The fiber yarns are spun around the robust filament. The prior fiber in the core is wrapped around the fiber and is now on the outside. It now lies in the center as a new core, so that it is optimally protected. TRIWITEX® yarn with wool core and synthetic fibers retains only the positive properties of the wool, not the negative ones. As a result, the synthetic fiber binds the protruding wool fibers into the yarn and at the same time makes them more abrasion and tear resistant than pure wool yarn.

  • Trunks

    Trunks are short underpants with legs that resemble boxers, but are cut tighter.

  • Waist brief

    Waist briefs are often called jazz pants and were originally developed for gymnastics. These briefs have a very high cut leg and generously cover the buttom.

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  • warm & clima

    warm & clima, a series of our comazo|active collection, stands for a unique two-layer fabric construction with moisture regulating and thermoregulating function. The innovation is based on this special two-layer construction to increase the functions:

    The fabric side lying on the skin is made of the climate fiber polypropylene. This is absolutely hydrophobic and thus optimally transports moisture to the outside without absorbing moisture itself. Thus, the body remains dry and warm.

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  • warm extra

    Warm extra is a special winter functional underwear from the comazo|active collection. It is particularly suitable as ski underwear, as it has a great heat retention capacity and thus keeps the heat optimally on the body.

  • Washing behavior

    The washing behavior of laundry is quite different. Some fabrics tend to shrink, wear out or discolor during washing. In order to avoid these quality defects, Comazo laundry is tested by independent institutes and in the in-house quality assurance department for washing behavior, among other things. Only flawless goods are passed on to the customer.
    In our laundry blog, we have summarized the most important information and tips on proper washing for you.

  • Washing instructions

    The washing instructions indicate at which temperature and, if necessary, with which technique the individual items of laundry should be washed. The life of the laundry can be significantly extended by following the washing instructions.
    In our laundry blog, we have summarized the most important information and tips on proper washing for you.

  • Washing tests

    Our underwear items are put through their paces at regular intervals. Especially in the case of a new production of an article or series, the washing behavior (fit, material, appearance) must be closely scrutinized. Only when the parts are found to be good, a series goes into production. Since washing tests accumulate in the course of a year, we offer them at very reasonable prices in selected stores. You can always find out about current dates via our newsletter.

  • Winter laundry

    Winter underwear is special functional underwear that meets the requirements of the cold season. Furthermore, it offers optimal functionality for winter sports activities. Warming thermal functions and moisture-wicking fabrics prevent chilling and ensure an all-round dry and warm feeling. For winter sports and leisure, comazo|active offers a wide range of different functional underwear that serves the right purpose for every occasion. Particularly recommended for winter sports fans here are the ski underwear warm extra and the multifunctional underwear warm & clima.

  • Wonder bra

    Wonderbra is the registered brand name of a special push-up bra.

  • Wool

    Wool is an animal fiber and is therefore one of the natural fibers. It is one of the oldest spinning fabrics in the world. Wool has a temperature-balancing effect, possesses good moisture-wicking capabilities and thus keeps the body warm and dry. It is particularly skin-friendly, shiny and soft, also elastic and shape-retaining and, due to its structure, hard-wearing and crease-resistant. By following the care instructions, the life of wool textiles is extended.

  • Wool/ hemp blend

    Wool is naturally self-cleaning and as well as hemp, antibacterial.

    The mixture of wool and hemp creates a fiber that is durable, tear-resistant and kind to the skin. It keeps warmth, absorbs moisture and has an antibacterial effect. Thanks to these properties, it is well suited for pants or other outerwear. Wool / hemp fiber is a natural fiber and is produced without chemicals, environmentally friendly.

  • Work underwear

    Work underwear is special underwear that meets the specific requirements of a wide variety of professions. Work underwear is flame retardant, has no electrostatic charge capacity and is particularly tearproof, cut- and stitch resistant. Our comazo|protect workwear must meet the highest quality requirements and is certified by independent institutes

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  • Yarn

    One or more fibers are spun into yarns. These make an intermediate textile product that is further processed into a woven or knitted fabric or used for seams. Depending on their construction, spinning process, fiber type, areas of application or used raw materials, different types of yarn can be distinguished which are required for different purposes.